Step one is as before…get the baby to sleep.

So yeah, I started actually sewing Caleb’s pajamas today. I did a lot of things on this project I’ve never done before.

Here’s what the pattern on the fabric looks like:


And here’s Caleb wearing an unfinished shirt:


I think he has a little more growing to do….

So after that picture I added the sleeve cuffs (after some confusion about the instructions) and then we had tea, and watched a movie, and after the movie I went back in to work out button holes. My sewing machine has a setting for automatic button holes, so I did that. And it was a lot simpler than I expected.

And then I tested the buttons, and they fit through the holes. Always a good thing. The only thing I have left on the shirt now is sewing on the buttons – but guess what I don’t have in my sewing arsenal. Yep. No hand needles (except the huge ones I use for yarn). So off I go to Big W on Tuesday when everything opens again.

And lastly, here’s the nearly-finished shirt:


Maybe I’ll work on the pants tomorrow, if I have time after we go to Gawler (we’ve got yet another Freecycle item to pick up).