Home sweet home

As far as I can tell, we’re all moved. We have one big room full of all the stuff that we don’t know what to do with yet, and the rest of the house is more or less the way it’s going to be. I haven’t been at the Glynde house since we left there at…what, 7 or 7:30 this morning? Yeah, THAT early. Darrin woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep, then about 5:45 I woke up because he was up, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting any more sleep either, so we just got a WAY early start. All the better. We actually got the trailer a day early, so we were able to bring over a load this morning when we brought the cats.

Oh, and how did that go? Not bad actually. Calico REALLY didn’t like being put in the box, but it was better for everyone if she was. She meowed a bit begging to be let out, but thankfully it wasn’t the entire trip. And Biscuit? Well, first he hopped up in the back, right in Darrin’s rear vision. We coaxed him down, he meowed a bit, but he really wasn’t too bothered. He just kept looking out the window, and any time he meowed I reached back to give him an ear or chin rub, and he was happy. And then about five minutes from the house, we smelled a smell. And Calico had her back to us. And then quite possibly because of that smell, Biscuit thought he’d make his own smell. Almost as if they’d communicated and said “Let’s show them what we think of this car trip.” Thanks, guys. At least they were solid smells rather than runny ones.

Yeah. And then Darrin unloaded the trailer, and I told him where to put things. And I got hungry, so I hopped across the road to the shop and got us some breakfast. And then we ate, and tried to comfort the cats (who just wanted to hide), and then he went off and came back with Craig and the full trailer a couple hours later. In total, the two of them filled up the trailer AND the back of the car three times, and emptied it all three times, and by the last time they came back they were both looking pretty red, because it was pretty sunny today.

We (okay, I) found one dodgy power point. It just happens to be the only one in the kitchen (a double), and every time I plugged the fridge in, the ENTIRE HOUSE shut off. When Darrin & Craig got back, we tried a different point, and success. So yeah, now our food won’t go bad.

And Darrin’s put in the request to get DSL moved over, so hopefully we’ll hear something about that this week (and hopefully Telstra won’t screw it up).

Yep, so that’s pretty much it. We’re officially residents of Salisbury now. Already got the obligatory Commodore. 😉

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