Hey, now there’s a thought.

All that sewing I want to get done, I should just have one sewing day every week. Say Friday. Why didn’t I think of that before?

!#$!#$! Mambo. Of course I forgot to “publish” this post so I had to go into the admin section and publish it there. And while I was in the admin, I thought I might as well update the post because I wanted to post more anyway…and my session timed out before I posted it, and of course I had typed everything in the web page instead of elsewhere, so I lost EVERYTHING I’d added.


Yeah. So I’m sewing today. Two nappies. Had the pieces cut out for ages and now I’m finally doing it, because I’m sick of them just sitting there, and Caleb’s outgrown the first two nappies I made, so we only have four going-out nappies at the moment.

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