He’s a she!

{mosimage}You would think that someone who grew up with cats, and in fact has looked after about twenty of them herself (I’d say “owned” but Biscuit & Calico might get offended), could tell a male from a female. But hey, even the best of us make mistakes every now and then. And in my defense, really young kittens are pretty hard to tell apart, even when you ARE looking at the right spot. Ace, the white kitten we found in our back yard, is a SHE. Heather took him – uh, her – to the vet this weekend, and that was the vet’s official word.

By the way, here are the pictures we took of Ace while she was with us. NOTE: No fair telling us “the gallery doesn’t work!” if you’re using Internet Explorer to view it. Try Firefox instead. Or Opera. Or Netscape. Heck, try ANYTHING but IE. Don’t ever use IE. Blech.

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