Ha! Just made it.

It’s 11:33 pm and I just got out of bed to see if I could post before midnight.

So Caleb had his first kinda meal tonight. We decided the other day that it was probably time to start giving him his own dish since he’s so forceful in trying to grab ours. So I set up the high chair in the lounge, put some food in his bowl (we had beef schnitzel & mashed potato tonight – I scraped the coating off the schnitzel so he just had the meat), and off he went. And yeah, he made a mess everywhere, and only about a tenth of it got into his mouth, but that’s to be expected. He had fun anyway.

We have a heap of pictures on the camera that I’ll try to remember to upload tomorrow.

And…tonight I finished knitting a wool nappy cover. Wool is nice for many reasons. It’s a natural fibre so it absorbs moisture, but it doesn’t feel wet for ages, and it doesn’t smell till it’s been used for a long time. At least that’s what I’ve read. In a day or two we’ll find out. It’s currently in a bucket in the laundry room being lanolised, I’ll dry it tomorrow, and maybe by tomorrow night or Wednesday morning I’ll be able to try it out. And blog the results, of course.

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