Okay, since there’s a few of you who are gonna want to give a baby gift (or several, in the case of grandparents!), here’s a tentative list of things we’re planning on doing, so you can work out what to get and what not to get.

  • I want to pick out the cot/crib and the car seat ourselves, but anything else is fine to be a surprise.
  • We’re using cloth nappies/diapers.
  • We won’t be using a dummy/pacifier.
  • No pink. Even if it’s a girl.
  • I don’t want to bother with a pram/stroller at first, but a baby sling/carrier would be GREAT.
  • All the normal stuff, like clothes and blankets and stuffed toys and nappy bag.

“But what about this or that or the other?” Um, yeah, that’s why I said it’s tentative. No way could a first time mother remember EVERYTHING she needs for her baby, even if some do tend to over-plan the whole event… I’m finding myself wanting to buy things, plan things, organise things, but it’s kinda hard to do without a house to store all the stuff in. So we wait until Christmas, I guess…