Fruits and the babies who eat them.

So Caleb had his first taste of apricot this week. He made a face and a “bleah” noise, so I don’t think they’re quite his thing at the moment. I ate the rest of the apricot and it was a bit strong, so I can understand why he didn’t like it. It wasn’t one from our tree, although our tree does have a lot of ripe ones. Should get out there and pick them when it gets cooler tomorrow….

He also tasted watermelon for the first time yesterday. Had a funny look on his face at first, but he went straight back into it, and got REALLY upset with me when I took it away to get the rest of the seeds out (it was a seedless melon, but you know how those are, they still have those thin white immature seeds in them). So I think we have a winner there. Of course his white shirt ended up pink, but that’s nothing that a wash and a day in the sun won’t fix.

And today I had a banana, and he took a strong interest in it when he saw me with it. So I let him have a bite or two, and he thanked me by smearing it all over my shirt.

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