Freecycle to the rescue…again.

So we have a very mobile and curious little boy in our house, and we also have a couple areas of the house that aren’t child friendly. Such as the laundry room, with the cat food – which he’s already gotten into once – and the cat litter, and cleaning stuff. After the cat food episode, I took the box from the high chair and set it up on the inside of the laundry with boxes of cat food and cat litter behind it to hold it up. But then he pushed it over once and got really annoyed when it fell on top of him. So then Darrin took a set of low shelves and put them in instead. But they’re higher than the box was, and wider, and it’s tricky getting over them. And ever since the cat food incident I’ve been looking for a gate to put in the doorway, but I didn’t like the prices. So I put a call out on Freecycle on my birthday, but got no responses. Then I put out another one yesterday, and almost immediately a lady in Angle Vale said she had one. So we set up a time for me to go pick it up tomorrow. And then she emailed back saying she’d just remembered she has to pick her husband up from work tomorrow, so she wouldn’t be home, and instead offered to DROP IT OFF on her way through Salisbury this afternoon.

I know where not to look the gift horse.

She got here about 1:30. Shortly after that Caleb finally went to sleep, and I set it up across the laundry door (although in retrospect I probably should’ve moved the shelves first, rather than having to carry them over the gate…). It needed a clean because it had been in her garage for a while, and it could still use some fine tuning, but it’s high enough off the ground that the cats can get under it, but low enough that Caleb can’t. I call that a win.

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