Five! Five teeth! Ah ah ah ah…

Yep. His first top ones came through within days of each other; one on Friday, one this morning.

What else…he’s very good at crawling, putting himself into a sitting position, and just in the last week he’s started getting up on his knees against things. And just in the last couple days he’s starting to bring up one knee.

I was walking at nine months. For a while I didn’t think he’d be that quick, but now I’m starting to think maybe he will be! We’ll see.

It’s been too hot to wear him in my sling the last week, so he’s been having his naps on a mattress on the floor of the lounge. Meaning I can move freely about the house, get the dishes done, hang the nappies, whatever I want!

Did I use this sort of topic for one of the other tooth posts? No matter. I like it.

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