Eye sea ewe

So I actually managed to get an eye appointment this morning at 10:30. And it lasted a whopping 15 minutes. Quite possibly the shortest eye exam I’ve ever had in an actual eye clinic (those screening tests in school don’t count).

Again, no puff of air in the eye, no dilation drops, but I did get drops to find out how dry my eyes were. They feel a bit gravelly now but less than they did at first.

So yeah, he’s ordering me a set of trial lenses and I’ll go get them when they arrive in a couple weeks. I’m thinking daily disposables this time because I know I won’t be wearing them all the time. Well…I might wear them every day at first, just because it’s a novelty, but I know eventually it’ll wear off and I’ll go back to only wanting them occasionally. Like on those days when Caleb keeps grabbing my glasses, or we’re orienteering in the rain, or we go to the beach, or whatever.

And the other good news is that my regular prescription hasn’t changed a bit in the last three years. I didn’t think it had (except for the first couple months after Caleb was born, but that was just sleep deprivation).

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