Last week I ranted a bit about Italian food and how I didn’t know what any of it was, and how hard it is to find plain tomato sauce in the supermarkets. Well. Last Friday night we went out to tea with some friends, and in the restaurant’s menu they actually EXPLAINED what all the sauces are! How very nice of them. And I found out that Napolitana is the plain tomato sauce, and Bolognaise is the one with meat. Apparently anyway. Doesn’t much look like a meaty sauce in the jars at the supermarket. Really, one of the brands I checked, the only difference between the Napolitana and the Bolognaise was that the Bolognaise had capsicum (peppers) in it. No meat listed in either one. So perhaps I’m still a bit confused on the issue. Darrin says “I think you’re supposed to add your own meat.” Er, okay, but can’t you add meat to any pasta sauce anyway? Anyone wanna tell me if this is true?

In other news, I bought new shoes yesterday, and a new cutting board, and lots of groceries.