Episode three

So today was our interview at DIMIA. We got there about ten minutes before our scheduled time, stood at the front desk for five minutes before they noticed we were there, got a number, and sat down for another fifteen minutes. At least this time they didn’t have crappy talk shows on; it was news. Yippee.

Anyway, then they called our number and we went back to a cubicle where a lady was sitting at a desk. She asked us some questions and said “I’m reasonably certain you’re genuine, but I need a little more evidence of cohabitation.” Fair enough; we didn’t really have that much I guess. Also, they haven’t received the medical stuff yet, so I may have to chase that down at some point too. But anyway, back to the interview stuff. We did ask about the bridging visa, and she said I don’t need evidence in my passport, it’s enough that they’ve got it in their computers that I’m legal. Which is good. And we have 28 days to get the rest of our stuff together, and if we can’t because the medical stuff is getting held up (the paperwork she gave us said that can sometimes take a while), then I’ll need to go back and apply for an extension. And she also said that once she has all the information she needs, it’ll take her two or three weeks to make a decision. Um, okay. Beats me why it’ll take that long when she said “I’m reasonably certain,” but you know what governments are like.

So tomorrow I’ll be making photocopies of things, possibly taking them into town to get certified at the post office, and then back to DIMIA to add to our application. And actually HSA is in the same building, so maybe I’ll pop in there too & ask if my medical stuff has been processed yet. Really though, how long does it take to put six pieces of paper together and take it across the building to DIMIA? Or mail it out to me even. That’s what I wanna know.

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