Enough already…

I am SICK of being stuck in the house. Caleb’s sick of it too, I’m sure. He’s just not his normal happy self. Today is the third day in a row with a forecast of 39 and I’m SICK OF IT. I’ve run out of things to do in the cool part of the house, and all that’s left is dishes and laundry. And of course laundry means going outside in the heat.

See, Darrin, THIS is why I need to buy Gilmore Girls season 3. šŸ˜‰

And while the list of things I haven’t done in a while IS rather long, most of the things on there are on there because they’re hard to do with a baby. Like read a book, do a jigsaw, knit, whatever.

Oh, but he just fell asleep (but not before he peed on me) so I might get to do a little something of my own for a while. We’ll see.

Bring on winter!

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