So yeah, those of you who aren’t in the
(and even some of you who are) may not have worked it out from my post yesterday, but yes, we’re pregnant. Just about eleven weeks. And this child’s due date is the 29th of March, which is also Steve/Opie’s birthday. So obviously he thinks the baby HAS to be born on the due date. But I suspect since the baby’s parents and uncles were (more or less) all born past due dates, he/she will be too.

Sick? Yeah, a bit. I tend to feel queasy if I go too long without eating (wish I’d figured that one out at about 6 weeks instead of 9). And I get tired a lot easier than I used to. And there’s a certain plumbing fixture that I wish was in the next room at 4 in the morning instead of ALL THE WAY AT THE OTHER END OF THE HOUSE, but that’s life. My pants are already feeling tight, even though I’ve actually LOST weight in the last few weeks.

But I’m in good company. I know at least four other people who are pregnant RIGHT NOW, and one (my American friend Vicky in Darwin) is due just a few days after me. I’ve been reading A LOT on pregnancy and parenting and things, and I’m not naive enough to think the books & web pages tell you everything, but I think I have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

So we have a deadline now for getting our house. We’re hoping we’ll be able to get everything organised by Christmas so we can move while Darrin has some time off and have plenty of time to get settled by the time the baby shows up.

We will not be finding out the sex ahead of time, since a) I feel like it spoils the surprise, b) Darrin and I both want to keep it as simple as possible with no more medical intervention than necessary, because we think doctors are full of poo most of the time, c) I can never make out more than a head and maybe chest & arms on any ultrasound I’ve ever seen, so I’m not likely to trust anyone who says “It’s definitely a boy/girl,” and d) I think a mother’s intuition about these things is more accurate anyway. For what it’s worth, I’ve had two dreams about boys, so I think blue is more likely than pink at this stage.

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