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No comment.

{mosimage}As you can see, I’ve added a couple new features to the comments. Firstly I’ve upgraded the comment component (and done it properly this time). Second, I’ve installed a bot that shows ON THE FRONT PAGE how many comments are attached to a certain post. And last, I’ve put in a module on the right with the five latest comments, so you can all know who’s posted last, and whether there’s been any comments since the last one you posted.
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Separate but equal.

{mosimage}I did two big things today.

1. I un-archived everything that was archived, because the archive list wasn’t showing up anyway. So now you can see entries back to the start of 2003. 412 entries total, not counting the one I’m writing right now.

2. To your left you’ll see a menu called “Blog categories.” So if you were wondering “Hmm, how long did it take Mel to get her permanent residence?” you can see it all at once. Or if you want to keep tabs on what I’m sewing or knitting this week, you can see that too.
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{mosimage}Yeah, I miss the comments. So either everyone’s too lazy to login and comment, or I haven’t posted anything comment-worthy in over a month. I’m getting a complex.

So I’ve turned off the registered-users-only-commenting and now everyone can comment again. And let’s just hope the spammers don’t work it out. But they will. 😛
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