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Little Para Pants update

So I had a few hiccups with the WordPress sites, so that some things weren’t showing up, or showing up correctly, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all fixed. Let me know if you see something odd (AFTER you try reloading the page and/or restarting your browser, in case it’s something on your end).

So anyway. If you haven’t seen the new improved Little Para Pants site, go look.

Yeah, I’m prolific this week.

Because I haven’t been able to post for so long, I’m catching up. So here’s a few more things to tell you all.

Darrin’s gotten the second week in September off work, for a big roadtrip to & from Canberra. We may even hit Melbourne on our way back & do Caleb’s American citizenship stuff if it’ll all work.

Little Para Pants has also been WordPressed. And it’s got a nice little online shop plugin, so somebody go buy something! Still keeping the Etsy shop open as well, because it’s cheap advertising. I’ve got new nappies on display in both shops, and have more fabric on order, and waiting on a couple nappy samples from someone who sells them & wants me to design a new nappy with features from both of those. So I’ve got plenty to do.

And I don’t think I mentioned that I’m a sponsor of next month’s Great Down Under Nappy Hunt, so now I have.

For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, here are photos of Ian. In the next couple days I’ll try to get new photos of Caleb up there too.

How are we doing…well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? And you’ll get a million different answers, at least from me, depending on when you ask. Overall though, it’s sort of a rollercoaster – sometimes up, sometimes down, and you never know how long the up is going to last before something gets triggered. Physically though, I was feeling as good at two weeks post-Ian as I was at three MONTHS post-Caleb. And it seemed almost wrong in a way, what with everything else spinning out of control.

There are apparently people out there (though I haven’t run into any of them yet) who would say to just get over it & move on, but you know what? You don’t get over something like this. Sure, it heals over time, but just like with a broken leg that heals, a change in the weather or a bump in the wrong way will make it ache again.

The garden. In the last couple weeks I’ve done a lot. I was going to just give up on the stuff I planted before Ian was born, but then I saw new leaves forming, so I thought I’d mulch around them & see how they go. And now I’ve planted potatoes, and strawberry plants, and an apple tree & an almond tree. This morning I started off some seeds in egg cartons again – capsicum, lettuce, and celery. And peas in a planter box. And in a few days (when I find some room in the garden) I’ll put some carrots in too. Or, hmm, I’ve got a big plant pot that would be deep enough for good sized carrots. Might do them in there.

What’s up with Caleb? Full sentences. Empathy. Trains. Thomas. More Thomas. Still more Thomas. Warning: cute kid story ahead!

A couple weeks ago Caleb & I were out shopping. I’d bought some donuts, and gave him one (which he only ate a little of), and I had one, and I dropped the last bit of it on the ground. So I picked it up, put it in a bin nearby, and came back to Caleb in the shopping trolley. And right away he lifts his arms up to hug me, and goes “Aw poor Mum, sorry Mum, Mum ok?”

Every time we go into a shop now, he’s on the lookout for Thomas. When he first got into it, he’d spy something halfway down an aisle and say “Thomaaaaaas!” excitedly. Now, of course, he just remembers where ALL the Thomas things are, ALL over the store, and tells me how to get to them.

Okay, it’s bedtime. Gotta put my iced tea in the fridge before I go off though.

Website updates & stuff

{mosimage}I’ve done a slightly major Little Para Pants website edit over the weekend, and made up a flyer, and an order form, and care instructions, and there’s now a contact form where you can sign up to get email updates about the business. Yep, we’ve entered the big time.

And tomorrow afternoon I’m picking up 4000 flyers to pass around to people. The advertising has begun….

And we have a logo. It’s in this post (or will be once I upload it).

I haven’t done any more sewing yet, but I’m going to a sewing day with some friends on Saturday so I probably will then. Means I should probably at least cut out some pieces.
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Holy crucifers, Batman!

{mosimage}So here it is, next week, and I’m back with more. First I’ll just expand on the things I posted about last week, when I didn’t have time to write more than a few words.

1. This week’s catch phrase: “All done.”

Caleb’s favourite new phrase. And it’s almost every day at this point he says a new word. He’s also loving his new sandpit we put together for him, but still not quite understanding that he’s supposed to leave Mum’s veggies in the ground.

2. Disappearing carrots, holey crucifers, a rogue pumpkin, and stone fruit.

I have no idea what happened to my carrots, whether it was birds, weather, or the 18 month old demolition squad, but there’s only one left, and I’m not even sure anymore that it’s a carrot.

And something has been eating my cauliflower & broccoli leaves (both members of the ‘crucifer’ group of vegetables, along with cabbage). And right in the middle of my crucifers is a pumpkin seedling from seeds I planted LAST YEAR. Yep. Although after our weekend away, there’s a big chunk missing from one of the leaves. I’m hoping it doesn’t bother the plant too much.

And our nectarine tree actually has some fruit on it! I don’t think it’ll give us more than a few, because the branches aren’t really strong enough yet, but it’s a good sign that all things are working.

3. Expanded range and first sale.

Ah yes. On my way home from the Homebirth Network coffee morning a couple Fridays ago, I decided at the last minute I’d go to Rainbow Tree, one of the shops that had my nappies. I got there, and I only saw one of the two on the shelf, so I asked about it, and yes, one had indeed been sold! Also, I’ve ordered a bunch of new fabric so I can make new colours and a smaller size in addition to the one I already had. Plus, I’m supposed to be finishing an order of five small nappies for my chiropractor before tomorrow evening, so maybe I should get off the computer and do that….

4. Roadtrip!

Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse. I’ll talk about it in another post.
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Not quite a haystack

So I’ve been thinking the last few days that I need to get some quilting needles, which are meant for sewing things with several layers, or thick fabric, you get the idea. Looked at the website of my supplier (okay, so it’s just an online nappy supply shop, but “my supplier” sounds like I’m actually in business) to check on prices. Thought to myself, hmm, is that the cheap brand or the good brand? Decided I’d better go have a look at what I had in my sewing basket.

Quilting needles. A whole pack of ’em. When did I buy them? I really don’t remember. Maybe they just appeared out of thin air. Anyway, at least now I don’t have to buy them for a while.

This morning I registered
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