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Bargains Galore

{mosimage}So it was a couple months ago when I started up my bread machine to make some pizza dough and it just…stopped. Right in the middle of the program. But then I’d had it for nearly five years, and it wasn’t new when I bought it either. So it was bound to happen eventually.

Then a few weeks ago, I was in the Salvation Army shop in Salisbury and I saw two bread makers, each $35. I didn’t buy one that day, but I filed it away for future reference. And then the other day I decided enough was enough, I wanted to make pizza again. So I went back, and these bread machines were now only $25. Even better. So I bought one. It didn’t have a manual with it, but it was a more well known brand than the other one, so that’s why I picked it.

And then I got it home, and was about to pull out the pan to wash it before I used it, and there’s a very essential bit missing – the kneading blade. So no, I wasn’t exactly happy.

Went to the Sunbeam website & asked them if I could get a replacement. They emailed back & said to check with my nearest service agent, so I looked back on the website to find the nearest one. Pooraka – only about 10 minutes away. So I emailed them, got a response back in a couple hours, and they had the part in stock, and it was only $16.50. So we had pizza for tea last night. Mmmmmm.

My old machine had five programs, all for bread or dough. The new one has eleven, including all the standard ones you’d expect, plus one for jam, pasta, cake, and even butter. I’m gonna have fun working it all out.
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Big fat update

{mosimage}So Darrin’s mostly finished up at SEHS. He’s done two Saturdays there and may do a little more as needed. He’s liking the new job – the only downside is leaving the house at 7:45 every morning and not getting home till just after 6 most nights. But it’s working out well for the most part.

I have a zillion sewing projects I want to get finished before this baby arrives, including some maternity clothes. Really should get those going, shouldn’t I? And my chiropractor has ordered five nappies from me, and she’s due 4 days before me. But two are already finished, so I really only need to do three more. I got some fabric to make Caleb another pair of pajamas, and I’m also doing a set of curtains/drapes for a friend (as soon as I have the measurements).

Caleb…just gets better every day. He just put one of his bears on the potty to do a poo. 😉 And he’s very talkative. He’ll try any word except his name. It’s amazing how much he picks up without us even trying (i.e. he’s saying ‘no thanks’ and ‘thank you’ now of his own accord, even though we’ve never prompted him to do so – he’s just picked it up from us saying it to him).

Baby’s still in there. I was getting a little worried at one point that I hadn’t felt any movement for a while, but Lisa came over & checked with her doppler and worked out that baby just decided to hide behind the placenta for a bit. He/she has shifted again in the last week and I’m feeling a lot more kicks, hiccups, etc. again. Oh, and I’m at the point where I wouldn’t mind my very own live-in chiropractor and/or massage therapist. I’ve been visiting the chiro every two weeks, but I’m thinking I might have to increase it to every week soon. Now that my regular one has gone on maternity leave, I’m seeing one of her colleagues – who incidentally sounds like an American. Haven’t yet asked her where she’s from (I’ve only seen her once so far and it didn’t really seem like the right time).

Garden stuff now. I’ve got cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and celery in the veggie patch. I also had two pea plants, but I didn’t water them when I transplanted them, so they died. This week (assuming my body cooperates, and the nursery gets them in) I’m planning to plant some seed potatoes. And last week, I bought a peach sapling and two small blueberry bushes and planted them. So I’m working on the orchard now as well. I have so many plans (including a chicken shed), but I don’t think most of them are going to happen till a few months after this baby comes. I was really hoping to get a lot of it done before, but it wasn’t to be.

And I actually turned the heater on this morning for the first time this year. It was a whopping 16C (62F) in the lounge when we woke up.

And now…away to the post office!
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This is the place where I put the title, right?

{mosimage}Ooh, two posts in as many days. I’m really prolific this week.

Point one: Patty has arrived! Her flight was only an hour late leaving Melbourne and 40 minutes late arriving in Adelaide, but she’s here. None of us got to bed till midnight last night. Caleb’s having a ball showing off & being cute. He’s very good at it. 🙂

Point two: we have a new photo gallery here. Some of the photos aren’t cooperating with getting added, but we’re slowly getting there. All recent Caleb pictures are in though, so those of you who need a cute kid fix can get it. 🙂

Point three: Yesterday was Darrin’s official last day at SEHS. And there was much rejoicing (yay). Since he’s kinda made himself indispensable there over the last 11 years, he’ll still be going back occasionally to work on things that need attention, but for that we’ll be billing them through his consulting business.

Point four: still pregnant. Three-ish months to go, give or take. Have baby clothes already set up in a drawer ready to go. Second babies are a lot easier to prepare for – just grab all the stuff you used for the first one and you’re ready to go. The only thing we’re buying new is another car seat.

Point five: I’m trying to get my garden ready for winter with some winter veggies. But I doubt I’ll be getting much done with it for the next couple weeks. The only things left in there are two watermelon vines (pruned down to the bare minimum in the hopes that the biggest two melons actually ripen before it gets too cold) and my capsicum plant, which has ripened its one and only capsicum already, even though it’s only the size of a ping pong ball, if that. I’m wondering if it’s a mini variety, but I couldn’t find anything about it through Google. Also, I’ve got plans to buy some more fruit trees and plant them around. My list: 2 apple trees of different varieties (because all but MacIntosh need another tree nearby to pollinate), another orange tree that fruits in the summer (so we can have oranges year round, yay!), a new peach tree (because ours died), some blueberry bushes (because Caleb LOVES them), an avocado tree (I don’t use them THAT much, but I’d probably use them more if we had a tree, plus I know plenty of people who’d be in for some free avocados), and an almond tree. Maybe another apricot tree as well, since ours tends to have a branch die off every few months and I’m not entirely sure it’s going to be here next summer. I was also thinking about a banana tree, but what I’ve read of them, they take a LOT of maintenance. So not now. Maybe sometime in the future, once I’m comfortable with the rest of my orchard.
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Moving on

{mosimage}So we sort of knew that this year would be Darrin’s last year at his current job, but we didn’t quite expect it to happen till the end of the year. At the start of this year, he dropped back to three days a week to free up the other two days for web work. But, sadly, whether it’s economy fears or something else, he & Josh haven’t had many jobs. In fact they just had their first job for the year about a week ago, and it was only a small update on something they’d done last year, so only two hours work for Darrin.

So then suddenly two weeks ago, Darrin got an email about a new job opening up at Bradford College in the city. The position sounds like it was made for him (well, all except the wearing a tie part, but the rest of it is good). And he’d be earning twice as much as he is now, so yeah, big step up.

He thought about it for a couple days, and then decided he’d apply for it. So the next week or so he was writing a resume, getting Josh to check it for phrasing & me to check it for grammar/punctuation, and he sent it off last Wednesday. Friday he got an email from them & he rang them back, and they set up an interview for Tuesday.

Now here comes my part in all this. He got home Friday and found his ‘nice’ shirt from our wedding, but it’s too heavy to wear at this time of year. And he couldn’t find his dress pants. So off to the op shops I went on Saturday morning. Found a shirt, found a pair of pants, found a tie, all together $12. But then I brought them home and the mayhem started. The shirt didn’t have a collar. I hadn’t even noticed. And the pants – the zipper was shot. I hadn’t even checked that. (Mental note – start checking zippers on pants in op shops.) So I went off again after lunch to get a new zipper from Spotlight and another shirt from the op shop. So he had a shirt, he had pants, he had a tie.

He went in on the train on Tuesday morning for an 11:00 interview. By 11:20 he’d sent me a text saying he thought it went pretty well. He was home by about noon, and within about half an hour he’d gotten a phone call offering him the job. Which he readily accepted. (I sat here watching him talk on the phone, say a lot of yeses, and give me a big thumbs up.)

So since he’s already working only three days a week at SEHS, Bradford is letting him start next week, just working Tuesdays & Thursdays for now. And he’s finishing up at SEHS in about four weeks, during the school holidays. As far as I know his boss hasn’t had a heart attack yet, but there’s still time….

Of course the female half of the staff at SEHS is upset because now I won’t be bringing Caleb (and the new bub) in to visit all the time.
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And again.

{mosimage}I am writing this from keyboard number FOUR.

I had a glass of lemonade (what Aussies call stuff like 7-up, Sprite, etc.) sitting next to my computer. I forgot about it. I went off to do dishes or something. Next thing I know is Darrin telling me Caleb’s gotten to my drink and spilled it. Of course I didn’t think about the fact it was right next to my keyboard, till I sat down later and some of my keys were acting funny. So I tipped the keyboard upside down and banged it, and I got wet. And then more of the keys were acting funny. Argh.

So for the next few days till payday, I had to use a laptop. And when I bought a new one last Friday, I decided to spend twice as much for a Logitech one, rather than the same one I’d bought before (which happened to fall on the floor with the help of a toddler and immediately broke one of the little feet on the bottom, oh, and he pretty easily pulled off the ‘enter’ key as well). And I didn’t notice till I got home that the box said ‘spill resistant,’ so here’s hoping.
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Think cold thoughts…

{mosimage}We’re still baking. But there’s an end in sight now. The BOM is forecasting 30 for Saturday, and it’s slowly getting cooler (well, less hot) over the week up till then. We were supposed to be having a birthday BBQ today, but because of the weather, we decided to postpone it a week. So next Sunday hopefully it’ll be a lot cooler and we can hang around outside. Highest temperature this week: 45.6C (114.1F).

We’ve had another poo and a wee on the potty in the last couple days. Slowly getting there.

My pumpkins are all dead. My strawberry plant isn’t looking good either. And the cucumber plant is partially wilted & dried out. Everything else is still looking okay though, probably because it’s all (except the capsicum) planted in the ground. If the strawberry plant dies, I think I’ll be transplanting the capsicum into its spot. Oh, and it has one tiny capsicum growing on it! Yay.

Oh, and this is the THIRD keyboard I’ve used this week. The first one that I’d been using for months with no issues decided the other day that it didn’t want me to have working number keys, including a couple keys I had in my password, so Darrin found a spare in his piles of computer stuff. This was actually one I’d had a couple years ago and always worked well for me. And then yesterday that one started working funny with all the directional keys – arrows, page up/down, home/end, etc. And a couple hours later the space bar and two adjoining keys stopped working as well. I suspect this had something to do with a naked toddler standing on my chair, playing with my keyboard, and a mysterious puddle under my chair…. So once again, I couldn’t type my password. I had to get Darrin to kill my screen saver remotely so I could get back into my machine, and then turn off screen locking. So this morning as soon as the shops opened, I went to Big W and bought a brand spanking new USB keyboard, and it works beautifully. But do you think I can remember any of the stuff I wanted to post on message boards now that I have a properly working keyboard again? Of course not.

Baby’s movements are getting a lot stronger, and I think I can almost feel them from the outside. He/she was awake & pretty active this morning after I went to the toilet at 6 am. Should be soon anyway and I’ll be able to put Caleb’s hand on my belly and tell him “that’s the baby kicking.” No bladder dancing yet though, for which I’m thankful. But it’ll happen eventually.

Okay, we’ve all had our lunch, now it’s time to get the ice cream out of the freezer. Mmmmmm….
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