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eBay is getting stupider and stupider.

{mosimage}So I sold something on eBay today for the first time in I can’t even remember how long. My item sold just hours after I listed it with the “Buy it now” option. So yeah, I’m pretty happy about that. And she paid right away, so that was good. So I went to leave feedback for her, and there was this popup message in the page saying that buyers can no longer leave neutral or negative feedback. Come again?

They claim it’s to encourage honesty from buyers, because SOME buyers were concerned that if they were honest, the seller would leave them negative feedback. Well come on, what about the seller’s right to be honest? What if the buyer really sucked, was rude about everything, or never paid, or never contacted them, or something like that?

Now don’t get me wrong. I was going to leave positive feedback for my buyer anyway. And I’m normally a firm believer in the old saying “the customer is always right.” But this is going WAY too far.

I have a better idea. Why don’t they just ask both parties for their honest feedback, and not make any of it public till they’ve both given it? Secret ballot type thing. But oh no, they can’t do that. That would actually make sense. And they’re not after sense, they’re after dollars. Ha ha ha ha…please don’t shoot me. But yeah, you can’t trust a company when it does things like that, and say you can only use OUR system of payment (or tries to and gets kicked back by the ACCC) when all along you’ve had a choice of several options.

So I think this will be my last eBay transaction.
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I am declaring war! I can see that got your attention.

{mosimage}And what am I declaring war on? Crappy shopping trolleys.

It happens every time I go out shopping with Caleb at Parabanks and try to find a trolley. All I ask for is one trolley with a child seat AND a working non-Velcro seatbelt, but do you think I can find one? Of course not. And why? Because the Woolworths & Big W there can’t seem to bring themselves to replace their crappy worn out trolleys with new ones.

Funny, I don’t have that problem when I go to Hollywood, or Golden Grove, or pretty much anywhere else. At least some people understand the importance of having restraints for little ones who like to climb out of their seats when they get sick of them.
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Yeah, it’s yet another rant. Suffer.

{mosimage}You know, I’m getting sick to death of going into cool-sounding websites and finding out they need Flash to show you anything. EARTH TO EVERYONE: Flash is bloated crap. Accept it and use something else in your website. It’s really not that hard, and it’ll make it a heck of a lot easier for everyone to view your site, whether they do or don’t currently use flash.

Note to Opie (and others like him): Your site is fine. I can still READ your site. The Flash on your site isn’t an essential part of the page, it’s just a decoration (as far as I can tell anyway). It’s when things like government websites use a Flash application to display a clickable map, when it’s much more effective (and probably looks about the same) doing it without.

See, I don’t actually have Flash installed in my browser. The Flash plugin for FreeBSD doesn’t exactly work reliably. So we don’t bother. So all I see when I load a Flash page is a grey box. This means no YouTube (which is pretty much a wasteland anyway, so I don’t mind that) and no e-card sites, among other more important things, like certain government websites.

Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, I’m off to the toilet and then back to bed.
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Pet Peeve of the day, part 2

{mosimage}So we went out to tea tonight at Genghis Khan, like we do just about every Tuesday evening. Only tonight there was some kids’ party there. All these pre-teens in the restaurant for (I assume) a birthday party or something. And you know how when you’re in 7th grade (or grade 7, or year 7, or whatever you call it in your country), everyone wants to stand in line next to their friends? And so they’ll say “Come stand with me” even though they’re NOT at the end of the line, and they’re being incredibly rude expecting the people behind them won’t mind if one more person gets in front of them?

Urgh. I never liked it in 7th grade, and I don’t like it now either. And I’m not gonna put up with it. So when two girls (who were only about 12 or 13 but trying to look like they were 25) got their bowls all ready and decided they’d just stand at the front of the line because OF COURSE they’re more worthy of eating than the rest of us, and tried to hand off their bowls to the cook JUST AHEAD OF ME, I pushed mine out and got it cooked first. And then the manager (who was also cooking because it was pretty busy) said something to them and they went not quite to the back of the line, but back to where they should’ve been. So there.

And some people might say, cut them some slack, they’re just kids. Ahem. They’re certainly old enough to understand that it’s probably not a good idea to do things to other people that you wouldn’t like done to you, so tell me again why I should cut them some slack?
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Pet peeve of the day

{mosimage}You know, it’s really starting to bug me that our postie (mail carrier) likes to stop right in front of our letterbox to rearrange/assess his load. Because sometimes he’ll stop there, do his thing, and drive off, then I go out to grab what I assume he’s left for us, and there’s NOTHING IN THE BOX! Okay, so he has to look everything over, I understand that, but why can’t he do that somewhere that’s NOT in front of a letterbox that he’s NOT delivering anything to? Very deceptive. Grr.

Yeah, guess who just took a pointless walk out to the letterbox.
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Enough already…

I am SICK of being stuck in the house. Caleb’s sick of it too, I’m sure. He’s just not his normal happy self. Today is the third day in a row with a forecast of 39 and I’m SICK OF IT. I’ve run out of things to do in the cool part of the house, and all that’s left is dishes and laundry. And of course laundry means going outside in the heat.

See, Darrin, THIS is why I need to buy Gilmore Girls season 3. 😉

And while the list of things I haven’t done in a while IS rather long, most of the things on there are on there because they’re hard to do with a baby. Like read a book, do a jigsaw, knit, whatever.

Oh, but he just fell asleep (but not before he peed on me) so I might get to do a little something of my own for a while. We’ll see.

Bring on winter!

Is it cheating if I write a post the day before and set it to publish at midnight?

{mosimage}Who cares. I’m doing it.

Anyway. This post is about a particular goal I’ve decided to tackle for this year. Given that we have a growing boy, and plans to take a major trip in a couple years that’s gonna cost a lot of money, and many other reasons (which I’ll get to in a minute), I’ve decided I’m only going to buy the following clothing items new:

  1. Socks
  2. Shoes
  3. Underwear

Everything else I’m going to get from op shops, garage sales, or *gasp* make them myself if I can’t find anything suitable.

I HATE clothes shopping. I have to be in the right kind of mood for it, and then I go nuts. And I hate the kind of styles that are popular now, which, sadly, are the only things in the shops. And it’s really hard to go into a fitting room with a baby in a pram, and even harder if said baby is in a sling. So I’m just not gonna bother anymore unless I have to.

I’ve also decided I’m sick of buying cheap clothes made in China (or Bangladesh, or wherever) that wear out in a month. Plus I’m not exactly comfortable with the fact that buying those clothes supports dodgy businesses who’d prefer to get children in sweatshops to do their dirty work rather than pay adults a decent wage to do it.

Ah, and I’m typing this in the admin section again, so I better copy & paste this somewhere else in case it’s timed me out again….

The cupboard under the kitchen sink

This one’s been bugging me for a while.

So just about everyone has a Cupboard Under the Kitchen Sink, where they store all the things that say “Keep out of reach of children.” This is a cupboard UNDER A SINK, which means it’s fairly low, and, unless you put a lock on it, quite accessible to children. And they’ll figure out the lock eventually anyway, because childhood is for figuring stuff out.

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be easier to just put the bottles on a HIGH shelf somewhere?

Here we go again.

{mosimage}That’s right, it’s time to rant about Adelaide Metro again.

Recently (as in Sunday the 13th) they changed a lot of their timetables again, and added new routes, and replaced some old ones. Every year or year and a half or so they do this. Which is fair enough, since the city tends to change over time, and what worked a year ago may not work now.

So I was looking through the changes today, and I noticed a new route numbered 126. I thought, well, the 12x buses go down The Parade in Norwood, so this must be another Parade bus. And didn’t really think anything of it, till I got further down the list to the 17x buses. And noticed the 176 has now been replaced by the 126. Hmm, so this is interesting. The 176 is one of the ones I used to catch when I lived in Campbelltown in the middle of 2003 while here on a working holiday visa. It’s also one of the ones Darrin used to have to walk a kilometre to catch to get to Paradise and the T500 to work before he/we had a car.

So I opened up the route map for the new 126, and lo and behold, it does go up The Parade. And turns onto Glynburn Road, right past our old house. And then onto Lower North East Road (aka the Lower NeRD…there’s also a NeRD and a Main North Road and a South Road…Adelaide was really creative when they named their roads), where it then takes the same path the 176 used to take, up Heading Avenue past the North Eastern Community Hospital, up to Newton Road past the shops there with the Foodland & Target, and up to Paradise.

Great! This is an incredibly useful bus route! My only problem with it is this:

Why the heck didn’t they put this route in about FIVE YEARS AGO? Do you know how much time that would’ve saved us? Do you know how much more often I would’ve been able to go shopping? I could’ve caught it to The Parade and gone shopping there instead of going into the city (okay, so there’s Darrell Lea in the city, but sometimes I didn’t want to go there…who am I kidding? I always went there). I could’ve caught it to Paradise and transferred to a bus to Tea Tree Plaza. I could’ve caught it to Foodland to do grocery shopping (because they tend to be cheaper than the other supermarket chains).

Not to mention the eight years or so Darrin was living in Glynde, working in Salisbury, and didn’t have a car. Okay, so he likes a good walk (otherwise he wouldn’t do orienteering) but in some weather it’s just not pleasant.

End rant…for now.
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