For the last, uh, three? weeks we’ve had a blocked main drain. So ALL our drains in the house have been getting backed up way too quickly.

Then Friday, our creepy landlady came over wanting to look at all our taps to see if any were dripping, because the water meter has been going constantly. And we looked at the toilet, and it was continually filling. She wasn’t happy. So she got a plumber to come over.

He got here at about 8:20 this morning, ten minutes before he said he’d show up, and left just before 8:30, with both our problems taken care of. And here I was thinking, oh great, he’ll probably have to put in a new toilet, and I’ll have to stay home all day for that, and maybe miss work, and have to ask the vet out front for the use of hers if I need to go. Especially since I woke up with food poisoning from the unknown-to-me moldy cream I poured into my cup of tea last night…. All better now though.