And now we wait.

Thursday we hit the 37-week mark. So baby can come at any time and be considered full-term. And believe me, I’d prefer sooner rather than later at this point. But I still think later is more likely. Blah.

So yesterday we picked up our car seat. Yay. And while we were in Riverton on Saturday visiting Darrin’s mum, she & I & Tyron went to the market, and I found a bouncer/rocker thing for only $10. Needed a wash of course, but it’s in great condition.

So we’ve got all the basics. Got a place to sleep, a place to sit in the car, things to poo in, clothes, a few toys, blankets, and a place to store all the stuff. And we’ve bought very little of it brand new, just the nappies & car seat really.

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