And again.

{mosimage}I am writing this from keyboard number FOUR.

I had a glass of lemonade (what Aussies call stuff like 7-up, Sprite, etc.) sitting next to my computer. I forgot about it. I went off to do dishes or something. Next thing I know is Darrin telling me Caleb’s gotten to my drink and spilled it. Of course I didn’t think about the fact it was right next to my keyboard, till I sat down later and some of my keys were acting funny. So I tipped the keyboard upside down and banged it, and I got wet. And then more of the keys were acting funny. Argh.

So for the next few days till payday, I had to use a laptop. And when I bought a new one last Friday, I decided to spend twice as much for a Logitech one, rather than the same one I’d bought before (which happened to fall on the floor with the help of a toddler and immediately broke one of the little feet on the bottom, oh, and he pretty easily pulled off the ‘enter’ key as well). And I didn’t notice till I got home that the box said ‘spill resistant,’ so here’s hoping.

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