Names: Darrin & Melissa (Mel) Smith

Occupation: Darrin drives a bus.  On a good day he gets to drive a brand new bendy bus. Mel runs Little Para Pants, specialising in cloth swim nappies for children of all ages.

Interests: Common interests are books, movies, music, computers & Internet, cats, travel, and for some strange reason we like each other, too. Darrin is into maps, web programming; Mel likes writing, cooking, sorting & organizing, knitting & crocheting.

How we met: In 1996 Mel started the IRC channel #bannerman, where we ran into each other. Got to be friends, then more than friends, then we finally met in 2001, and eventually got married eight years after we met online.

Kids: Caleb is 5 years old. Ian would be three but died at two days old due to severe brain damage suffered in pregnancy.  Ethan is 9 months old.

Pets: Biscuit, 12 year old gray & white male cat; Calico, 7 year old calico female; and Garfield, 1.5 year old black & white cat, who live with us. Tigger, 12 year old tortoiseshell female cat who lives with Mel’s parents in the USA.  Three approximately two year old New Hampshire chickens named Chicken Boo, Camilla, and Ginger.

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