Well, that sewing bug I had didn’t last very long. But I guess the two week heat wave had something to do with that. There isn’t really any air conditioning in the room where my sewing machine is, unless I plug in a fan, but even then it’s not enough at 40+ degrees.

However, I did borrow a friend’s overlocker/serger last week, and sewed together all the insides & outsides of the nappies I’ve had stacked up for months. Now all that’s left is the leg elastic, turning them right side out, top stitching, and fasteners. And I’ve already completely finished one, and aside from some trial & error with getting the snaps all in the right places, snaps are a heck of a lot easier and quicker than sewing in velcro everywhere.

So. Now that it’s cooler, I’m hoping to get the bug again and finish off some more projects, especially the ones I can sell.