A little bit of everything…

Firstly, yesterday I had the entire site shut down temporarily to try to stop the spammers from spamming my recipes. And then I turned it back on again, and got seven more overnight. So I thought I’d take it one step further and download the new version of the cookbook. Well. I installed it, and it doesn’t work. So until such time as I can a) fix it, or b) find a new recipe component that WORKS and doesn’t take spam, it’s gone. If you wanted a recipe I’ll be happy to email it to you, just ask.

Second, we’re getting keys today. Yay. So I’ve got the car, and I’m going to pack it up with some stuff to take over once we get the keys, then pick up Darrin when he’s finished at work at about 3. It’s the last day of the school year so the staff are just having a party and getting drunk, and everyone leaves early anyway.

We’re moving boxes tomorrow and big stuff on Sunday, then sleeping there Sunday night for the first time. We decided we’ll take the cats over first thing Sunday morning, then Darrin will pick up Craig and they’ll get the trailer. I’ll stay at the new house with the cats and unpack some of the things we’ve brought over, like all the kitchen stuff. And then we’ll probably have a barbecue because it’s easy and quick and everybody loves a good Aussie barbecue.

My breakfast this morning was/is a bacon & egg McMuffin, hash browns, and hot chocolate.

Oh yeah, and I’m still pregnant. Still getting my bladder kicked daily.

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