A list of stuff.

So here I am back in the USA, in good ol’ Wisconsin, two days after the Packers beat the Vikings in the Metrodome. It snowed yesterday morning, and surprisingly stayed all day. But that’s not the purpose of this entry; the purpose of this entry is to update what the hick I’m doing now that I’m back in America.

  1. I have a job. After filling out only TWO applications, I had ONE interview, and the next day they offered me work. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Adelaide and quite enjoyed my four months there, but when a town of 13,000 people has more work prospects than a city of 1 million, there’s something terribly wrong.
  2. Darrin (beldin) and I are engaged. We’re getting married in January and I’m moving back to Adelaide. So those of you who’ve been holding your breath for that to happen, you can breathe again. And those of you who’ve been harassing me about getting married over the last several years can shut up now.
  3. The whole trip back was a pain in the butt. I got stuck with a window seat on the 14 hour flight, so I had to wait till the 2 people beside me woke up & moved before I could visit the lovely toilets in the back of the plane. And I’d had zero sleep for over 24 hours before that, so as much as I wanted to read, I couldn’t because my eyes wouldn’t focus on the words. So I resorted to watching movies, which were good movies as I mentioned previously, but I was way too tired to concentrate on Matrix Reloaded. And then when I got to LA, I went through immigration and had an agent who was a little uptight, but I got through, and I picked up my bags, and I went through the long line at customs, and I dropped my bags off just outside with the rest of the bags to be rechecked, and that was the last I saw of my laptop. So I’ve had to make copies of things and fill out paperwork and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the airline actually pays me without a hassle. Anyway. I got out of customs and walked all the way from the international terminal to terminal 1, where America West flies from to change my last ticket. And when I told them so, they pretty much said “Huh?” and sent me to terminal 2, where I’d be flying from. And I checked in there, and that was that. No hassle, no extra ticket change fee. And it was 3 hours before the flight, and I was dead tired, so I found a bench to lie down on while I waited. But I couldn’t fall asleep, which is probably a good thing, otherwise I might’ve missed my flight. But when I was sitting in the chair waiting for them to call my row, I was very nearly nodding off. And I think I actually slept a little on the plane, which is rare for me. And when we landed in Minneapolis, it was warm. 70 degrees when I was expecting under 50.

    Uh, what number was that, 3? Then the next one is 4.

  4. Because of the events in #3, I’ve ordered a brand spankin’ new laptop from HP. The processor is 4 times as fast, it has 4 times the memory as what the old one had when I ordered it, the CD-ROM drive is 3 times as fast, and the hard drive is over 3 times bigger, all for $1000 LESS than I paid for the Dell three years ago.
  5. There were 3 deer in the field across the road the other day, most likely a doe with her half-grown twins.
  6. I’m gonna miss watching Gilmore Girls & Ed every week when I move to Adelaide in January.
  7. I’m broke. Send me money. 😉
  8. Okay, I’m kidding about #7. Actually only half kidding. I AM broke.

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