Teeth, that is. His 8th one popped out overnight when I thought yesterday it would still be a couple more weeks.

Now, if he keeps following the same timetable I did with my teething (like he has been – the first two teeth especially he was the same age as I was, almost to the day), we should have a nice little break till about April. And then it’ll be two a month all winter.

And in the last couple weeks, he’s tried cheese, bacon (from a Hungry Jack’s burger so it’s really more like ham), rockmelon, fish, and cow’s milk. The fish & cheese have been his favourites out of that list.

He’s gotten to the point where if we’re eating, he gets very upset with us if we don’t share. So we give him a little bit, and he sucks on it, chews on it a bit, goes “nyum nyum nyum” and then mashes it into the carpet.

Ah, and he’s leaving teeth marks on wooden furniture now. And eating his board books. And walking along furniture. And grabbing one of our green plastic chairs and pushing it along like a walker (until it hits the carpet and gets stuck). And last night I saw him kneeling without hanging onto anything for the first time.

Oh, and this’ll gross you out. Christmas eve he got into the cupboard where we keep the plastic containers. And after he’d been in there for a while, we found something on the dining room floor. Looked like half a cockroach. We couldn’t see where the other half had gone.

It was in his nappy the next day.

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