I am declaring war! I can see that got your attention.

{mosimage}And what am I declaring war on? Crappy shopping trolleys.

It happens every time I go out shopping with Caleb at Parabanks and try to find a trolley. All I ask for is one trolley with a child seat AND a working non-Velcro seatbelt, but do you think I can find one? Of course not. And why? Because the Woolworths & Big W there can’t seem to bring themselves to replace their crappy worn out trolleys with new ones.

Funny, I don’t have that problem when I go to Hollywood, or Golden Grove, or pretty much anywhere else. At least some people understand the importance of having restraints for little ones who like to climb out of their seats when they get sick of them.

What’s a nap again?

Caleb hasn’t napped since Wednesday. It’s now Monday morning. I was expecting him to give up his naps early because I did at 18 months, but yeesh he’s quick! Anything I don’t want him to “help” with has to wait till he’s in bed for the night.

So last night I finally got around to cutting out the pieces for my new pants. And I’m thinking if I’d laid the pieces out differently, I might’ve had enough for a pair of shorts as well, but it would’ve been really close. So maybe I’ll make something for Caleb instead – there’s certainly enough fabric left for something for him.

And today I’ll sew them together, and maybe be able to wear them tomorrow.

Over the hump

Caleb now has eleven baby teeth, meaning he’s more than halfway to a full set. Yay.

He has mastered the art of the Sippy Cup and taken up sweeping – or at least bashing Mum in the face with the broom.

And apparently it’s hilarious to kick Mum or Dad in the tummy when he’s swinging.

It’s time for another sewing post.

I haven’t sewed much lately, except to replace the leg elastic in one of my Baby Beehinds nappies. But that’s gonna change. Last week I went to Spotlight and bought 2 metres of denim to make myself a pair of pants. I’ve had the pattern sitting around for months now (bought at the same time as the one for Caleb’s too-big pajamas) and decided it was finally time to do it. But it’s no cheaper really than buying new jeans at Big W or wherever – the only difference is if I make them, I’m guaranteed they’ll be in my size instead of finding every size BUT mine on the rack. I’m really getting to hate that.

Mini-rant: Stupid clothing companies buy into the idea we all have to look like supermodels, so supermodels are all they cater to anymore. And I know I’ve put on a bit of weight since getting pregnant, but even before that, I had trouble finding pants & jeans that fit me. And op shops aren’t really any better, because you can’t give away what isn’t out there to begin with. And I’m guessing women who are lucky enough to find larger sizes that fit them hang onto them as long as possible to get as much wear out of them as possible, because it’s so rare to find them in the first place. End rant.

So I’ve had enough, and it’s time to make my own. One of these days I have to wash the fabric in a hot wash so it shrinks as much as possible before I cut it up. And after that, the pattern says it should only take an hour to put it together. And actually the pattern said something like 2 2/3 yards, so I decided I’d just get 3 metres, but when I looked at the bolt of fabric, it was really really wide. I don’t think I’ll get two full pairs out of it, but I’m guessing I’ll have extra left over that I can do something with.

We’ll see in a couple weeks.


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