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{mosimage}As you can see, I’ve added a couple new features to the comments. Firstly I’ve upgraded the comment component (and done it properly this time). Second, I’ve installed a bot that shows ON THE FRONT PAGE how many comments are attached to a certain post. And last, I’ve put in a module on the right with the five latest comments, so you can all know who’s posted last, and whether there’s been any comments since the last one you posted.

Another shameless plug

You can now buy Little Para Pants from Rainbow Tree at 320 Magill Road in Kensington Park (next door to the organic butcher). Which leaves me with no nappies, so the online order form seems a bit pointless at the moment….

Closer and closer

So a few months ago I posted about how I’d found Dr Pepper in Victor Harbor, a 90 minute drive away (more like 2 hours with a one-year-old). And then a few weeks ago I posted again about having found it in a sweet shop in the city. And then we heard about a grocery store in Nuriootpa that apparently has it, but we were too late the day we went over there to get it. But now, thanks to Kelly at the school, we know there’s a little shop in Golden Grove Village that sells it. And a few other American sweets. And this is only a 10-15 minute drive from our house (or 35 minute bus ride). So there’s no longer a need to go into the city on the train (which is getting more & more a chore now that Caleb wants to bounce around, look out windows, play with things and drop them on the floor and possibly onto other passengers’ feet). Unless I get a serious craving for something more obscure, or we’re going into the city anyway.