Note to self.

So Darrin just upgraded software on the web server, and one of the packages was SQL-Ledger, the web based finance program I use to, uh, keep track of finances (who’d have thunk?) Anyway, this is a note to tell myself to remember that when the 11th of March comes along and we have two recurring transactions on the same day, pay attention to whether or not they’re duplicated, because I had three come up today and they all did. I knew something was wrong when one of our accounts showed $200 in the hole….

It may just be something to do with the leap day, but we can’t tell at this point.

HA! MY apple.

I just ate an entire apple myself.

This is the first apple I’ve eaten without “help” since Sunday. I’ve had two others that someone stole from me, and proceeded to bite chunks off, chew them a bit, then spit them on the floor for me to pick up. And he got really annoyed every time I took it back to have a bite myself. So I ended up basically just letting him keep it till he lost interest.

But this time I got to eat the whole thing, because he’s asleep. Although that didn’t work on the one this morning – he woke up right after I started eating it.

MY apple. Nyah.

One step closer.

Front velcro piece is sewn on all nappies. And I’ve got two of the inner pieces with an absorbent pad finished. Five more to go and then I can start sewing the inner & outer pieces together. Yay.

In other news, I have three Baby Beehinds sitting next to my machine needing new leg elastic. I’ll get around to that someday.

What the heck, I’ve missed a few days this year, it’s time to play catch-up.

I got some actual sewing done today. I sewed the back elastic onto all the nappy pieces. Tomorrow (time permitting) I’ll start putting the hook & loop pieces on, then start on the absorbent pad that goes down the centre.

Of course there’s a problem. I only ordered enough hook & loop for six nappies, but I ended up with enough fabric for seven. But I’ve decided I’ll keep one (so I know for myself how well it works) and sell the rest, so the one I keep doesn’t have to match the rest.