In the last 48 hours, my download of Veronica Mars season 2 has gotten through a whopping 2%. At this rate it’ll be my birthday before I get to see any of them. Might as well just buy the DVDs now, I was planning to some day anyway….

The suspense is killing me…

Beth said about 2 days ago in a comment that she may have been in labour, but if not, a tentative induction was scheduled for 7:30 pm Sunday. It’s now nearly midnight in her time zone and I just wanna know if it’s all happened yet. Here’s hoping Baby Prins decided to come out on her own before the scheduled induction. 🙂

Move in closer…

I’m feeling strange twitches in my belly, usually when I’m sitting or lying still. Actually been feeling them for a week or two, but they’re getting stronger now so there’s no mistake as to what it is. And Darrin’s jealous because he can’t feel it yet. I don’t know that it’ll make much difference when he can, because they stop whenever I put my own hand over the spot they are.

I give up.

Channel 10 is only showing Veronica Mars episodes about once every two weeks. At 10:30 or later at night. And sure, I’m feeling much better now than I was a few weeks ago, but still, I need my sleep. So I’m just going to download the episodes I haven’t seen yet and try to keep up with the new ones as they come out in the US.