Someone please put them out of our misery.

As I mentioned yesterday, our neighbours had a loud party last night, with a karaoke machine. Our theory is that the parents went away for the weekend and the teenage kids are running amok. The music went till about 2 in the morning. And they were apparently having a fight about the volume, because at one point it kept going up & down & up & down. So obviously we weren’t well rested, and we both went back to bed later in the day and slept for a bit, and right now I’m still fighting sleep.

But THEY’RE AT IT AGAIN! And it’s JUST as loud as last night, and it sounds JUST as bad, because apparently the point of karaoke is to advertise to the rest of the world the fact that you suck at singing.

Mel’s Long List of Pet Peeves, Part 3

26. Neighbours having loud parties. With a karaoke machine.

27. Jared from Subway. So you lost a lot of weight eating Subway sandwiches. We get it already. Shut up.

28. The 102 bus, which goes past our house to and from the city, a) does not go anywhere else useful, like a bus interchange, and b) the closest it gets to the Central Markets in Adelaide is a ten-minute walk.

29. Neighbours having loud parties. With a karaoke machine.

30. Not being able to think of another pet peeve that I haven’t already written about to finish off the entry on a nice round number.


So we were on our way somewhere this week, and we drove past the church just up the road from us, and they’ve always got some message on their sign out front. This time it said “Your most important DIY [do-it-yourself] project is your life.”

Okay, now I know that going to church for the better part of my twenty-nine years of life doesn’t make me an expert or anything, but isn’t the church supposed to be in the business of telling people “You CAN’T do it yourself, you need Jesus?”

We are fast.

The changeover of our DSL plan has happened and we can upload/download ridiculously fast.

Also you may have noticed things being a bit weird yesterday. That would be because Darrin’s motherboard decided to fry itself, so he took one from another machine and put a third one in THAT machine. Phew.