Ice cream headaches

So tonight I was eating a bowl of ice cream (made in my very own ice cream machine) and got to thinking about ice cream headaches. Specifically, I was wondering if they were caused by blood sugar fluctuations (and actually tried to give myself an ice cream headache to see if my sugar-free ice cream would even do it – it did). Went to Google, and I have my answer. Ice cream headaches have absolutely nothing to do with blood sugar. This site has a good explanation, or if you’re not afraid of technical language, and want a more thorough explanation, try this site.

There are some who call me…Tim.

After nearly ten months of being Melissa Smith, I finally have that name on every account I hold (except my PayPal account, but that one’s an enormous pain in the butt that I don’t intend to deal with). Remember back in May when I signed up for Medicare? They gave me a card, but they put it in my maiden name since that’s what was on my passport. But now that my name on that has been changed, they were willing to issue me a new card in my new name. Once I got around to visiting the Medicare office again, that is.

So. Name change complete.

Cheap bus tickets! Discounted movie tickets! And more!

I’ve finally received the next set of my course assignments, and the letter with it states I’m eligible to get a student ID card, which entitles me to many benefits, including the ones in the title. I didn’t think this would be the case with it being just a correspondence course, but then again I AM a real student, so why not? So what I’m wondering now is, why the hick didn’t they send it to me at the very beginning, when they sent me my first package of stuff? Hmm? Why do I have to email them for it and wait another 28 days to get it? Because it really would’ve been useful three weeks ago when I spent $30 on bus tickets.