Episode five

This morning I went into town and asked at HSA what the hick was taking so long with my medical papers. The lady put my name in the computer and looked me up, and then told me my file has been sent to HSA in Melbourne.


She also said that I should tell DIMIA this and they’d “know.” Whatever that means.

So as soon as I got home, I fired off an email to the lady at DIMIA who’s handling my case (didn’t feel like standing in line or waiting endlessly watching the stupid TV again). Because my deadline for getting all the paperwork to them is Monday.

UPDATE: The lady at DIMIA wrote back and said that my email was sufficient to get an extension. So who knows how long it’ll take to get the records back to Adelaide…but once they arrive, it’ll be another 2-3 weeks to actually get the visa. I hate bureaucracy.

Tupperware is a wonderful thing.

And I want more. You can never have too much Tupperware.

I was looking at the Tupperware web site last night actually, and yes you can order online, if you’re in the US or Canada, and possibly around the world too, but I didn’t really look into it. But also, you can host an online Tupperware party. Apparently you just fill out an online form, put email addresses in of people you want to invite to your “party,” and after it’s finished (it runs for two weeks), you get a gift certificate based on the dollar amount your “guests” spent. Just imagine it: going to a Tupperware party where you don’t run the risk of having to host one yourself as a door prize.

“So Mel, is all this to say you’re going to have an online Tupperware party?” Maybe. Maybe not. Time will tell. But incidentally, if you do have any interest whatsoever in participating in one, drop me a note. I don’t think I’d do it if I had less than ten people interested. If I had more…perhaps.

Episode four

And today…

I made copies of seven more documents with my name or Darrin’s name or both names AND our address, to prove we really are living at the same place. And I took them to the post office and got them certified. And then I took them to DIMIA and submitted them with my file number, so hopefully at least they’ll be satisfied with that part, and we can just be sitting here on our butts waiting for stupid HSA to send me (or DIMIA) the medical report.

Also while I was in the DIMIA office, I asked what I needed to do to sign up for Medicare. They gave me a form to fill out, which they then send to Medicare, and Medicare will send me a letter.