POP now via SSL

Anyone using a beldin.org email address (or bannerland.org, or melvania.org) that uses POP to read your email, we’ve now finally got to the 21st century and are encrypting all messages with SSL. So please adjust you email client to use SSL when reading via POP. For the more adventerous, IMAP is now avaliable also.

Two things I made today for the first time ever.

1. Chocolate mint slice (from a recipe Darrin’s mum gave me)
2. Peanut butter (using 250g peanuts, a bit of canola oil, and a food processor)

And if you wanted, you could count last night’s meal as number 3: chicken schnitzel. But that wasn’t today, it was yesterday.

MORE updates

“1. Obtain statutory declarations from at least two people (Australian citizens or permanent residents over age 18). We’ve printed five forms.”

And handed out two.

“2. Finish filling out my half of the application form.”


“6. We need a certified copy of Darrin’s birth certificate.

7. We need certified copies of both our passports.”

Which are easily obtained at any bank or post office.

“8. I need to get four passport photos.

9. Darrin needs to get two passport photos.”

Which are easily obtained at any shopping centre, including Tea Tree Plaza and Rundle Mall.

“3. File my taxes, preferably online.”

Done, but I’m not getting nearly as much money back as I’d hoped. Stupid greedy tax offices wanted a cut of my 401(k) withdrawal.

And that Kitchen Aid mixer I saw advertised for $1185? Did some searching online today and found out that’s the extra special chrome mixer. The regular “baked enamel” colorful ones are about half that. So it’s not such a farfetched idea to buy one sometime in the future. After all the visa cards/bills/immigration stuff is paid off, of course.